KEZIA Dugdale stunned TV personality Gary Tank Commander during an off-beat interview when she used strong language describe the policies of Scottish UKIP spokesman David Coburn.

The Scottish Labour leader fielded a series of questions from the star, played by comedy actor Greg McHugh, leaving viewers in no doubt of her feelings towards Mr Coburn.

The Herald:

“Everything he stands for is g*sh," she said. "He thinks Europe holds back the development of toasters.”

She also followed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's lead in condemning American presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying: "The guy's an arse. It's that simple."

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Ms Dugdale was the second in a series of six interviews that will see the spray-tanned squaddie question each of Scotland's party leaders in the run up to May's Holyrood election.

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Gary’s previous interview with the First Minister included everything from a question on tax subsidies for cheesy pasta to a proposal on new affordable flumes from Grangemouth to Bathgate.

Clips from each interview will be released online as part of BBC Scotland's new social media comedy series Short Stuff, before being aired on BBC2 on April 24 at 10pm.