UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn stunned Gary Tank Commander during an off-beat interview when he slammed the "North Korean" SNP and blamed windmills for costly three-bar fires.

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The MEP fielded a series of questions from the star, played by comedy actor Greg McHugh, leaving viewers in no doubt about his feelings about Nicola Sturgeon's party and climate change.

Mr Coburn, who said he's known as "the bam's bampot", was asked why pensioners are so moany despite receiving free bus passes.

He said: "With all the expensive windmills they have been putting up all over the place, old age pensioners like to sit in front of their three-bar fires and they can't afford it. It's just ridiculous."

During his interview with Kezia Dugdale last week, Gary was left in no doubt about the Labour leader's feelings about Mr Coburn.

Ms Dugdale said: “Everything he stands for is g*sh. He thinks Europe holds back the development of toasters.”

But the UKIP man didn't take the time to hit back and instead joked about the "North Korean" SNP's climate change policy adding that warmer weather would make Scotland a better holiday destination.

A 30 minute special with all the party leaders will be aired on BBC Two Scotland at 10pm tonight.