Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has revealed her standard election night wardrobe ... a pair of lucky rhinestone pants.

Whenever the public go to the polls Ms Davidson always wears a pair of Tory blue rhinestone pants with the words "election night" encrusted on the back, she said.

And she revealed that she's worn them for years - after being given them by an ex-partner.

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She said: "I fought a by-election a long time ago and as a joke, my then partner bought me a pair of pants that had 'election night' on the back, written in Tory blue rhinestones.

"She wanted me to wear them on election night, which I did and have since worn at the count of most of the other elections I have stood in."

The Herald:

The Scottish Tory chief also admitted the first thing she wanted to do in the new parliament was measure up the curtain at Bute House - the official residence of the First Minister, an unlikely scenario given opinion polls which put the SNP on course for another landslide victory in Scottish elections next week.

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Ms Davidson said she thought Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was "hot" and a "pretty, pretty man".

And she described American singer and actress Bette Midler as her gay icon, adding: "She's definitely an icon. I love a bit of Bette, I love a bit of Miss Midler."

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And, in a wide-ranging interview with a website, she said her biggest regret from the last parliament was that the independence referendum result "wasn't a chasm wider".