VOTERS in Scotland believe the political parties lack ambition, according to a new poll.

With less than a week to go until the Scottish parliamentary elections, only four in 10 voters think that the parties are putting forward ambitious proposals for how they would used Scotland's new devolved powers.

The findings emerged in a Survation poll for campaign organisation 38 Degrees, which asked more than 2000 voters to give their views before they go to the ballot box on May 5.

It also found that 60 per cent of voters understand that the next Scottish parliament will have more powers than it does at the moment, and that most believed this would make Scottish politicians more accountable to voters.

Stewart Kirkpatrick, Head of Scotland at 38 Degrees, said: “This polls shows the huge public appetite for more ambitious plans for Scotland than any of the political parties have to offer.

“In our thousands, 38 Degrees members across Scotland are telling candidates what we want to see from them - whether that’s securing and improving our NHS services, helping put a stop to the dodgy trade deal TTIP or saying a permanent ‘no’ to fracking in Scotland.

"They can be sure that our energies and expectations will only rise after May 5.”