Labour's only Scottish MP has warned that voters currently do not see a Jeremy Corbyn-led party as a "credible" future government.

Overnight Labour slumped to third place behind the Conservatives at Holyrood.

Mr Murray said: "I don't think the public see the Labour Party…led by Jeremy Corbyn at the moment as a being a credible party of future government."

He called on his party leadership to "reflect" on the election results and to develop a strategy designed to change public perceptions.

He also said that Mr Corbyn should reach out more to a wider range of voters and to his own MPs and to do more to make Labour's economic message credible.

Challenged that he was not giving a ringing endorsement of his party leader, he said: "I don't think the public are giving a ringing endorsement".

His shadow cabinet colleague John McDonnell has called on Mr Corbyn's critics to "put up or shut up" following elections across the UK.