One of Scotland's most distinguished lawyers has been named as the country's top prosecutor and government law officer.
James Wolfe will replace Frank Mulholland, who stood down at the Holyrood election to become a judge, to become Lord Advocate.
The 53-year-old QC, unlike his two immediate predecessors, is not a career prosecutor - although he has acted for the Crown.
However, he will be backed up by a second in command, a new solicitor general who has decades of experience getting criminals locked up and is a specialist in convicting rapists.
The Solicitor General is Alison Di Rollo, currently a senior advocate and one of the prosecutors who successfully convicted Marek Harcar, the murderer of businesswoman Moira Jones in a Glasgow park.
Ms Di Rollo replaces Lesley Thomson, who has told Ms Sturgeon "she wishes to pursue new challenges".
Both Mr Wolffe and Ms Di Rollo have been nominated by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon but still must be formally approved by parliament and the Queen.

Picture: Mr Wolffe

The Herald:
The two law officers complete Ms Sturgeon's cabinet and are, like the rest of her government, gender-balanced. Ms Sturgeon has stuck with the new SNP tradition of ensuring lord advocates are not political appointees.
Mr Wolffe has been dean of the Faculty of Advocates, the leader of the historic body representing the Scottish bar.
Ms Sturgeon, in a statement, said: "James has an outstanding legal background and extensive experience at all levels, including the House of Lords, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.
She added: "Alison led the work of the ground-breaking National Sexual Crimes Unit (NSCU) for three years, having previously held the role of deputy. Her outstanding leadership in this most sensitive of areas has inspired confidence in all connected to it."
Mr Wolffe is from Dumfries and went to Kirkcudbright Academy and then university at Edinburgh and Oxford. His wife, Sarah Wolffe QC, is a judge. Mr Wolffe became an advocate 1992 and took silk in 2007. He has substantial experience in government, commercial, private and criminal law.
Mr Wolffe said: “I thank the First Minister for nominating me to the office of Lord Advocate. If I am appointed, it will be a great privilege to serve Scotland in that role.”
Ms Sturgeon thanked Mr Mulholland and Ms Thomson for their service. She said: "In his time as Lord Advocate, Frank has made a substantial contribution to both the law and to Scottish society.
"The creation of the National Sexual Crimes Unit was just one example of the increased specialisation of the Crown Office that Frank Mulholland presided over.
"In her role as Solicitor General, Lesley’s work, particularly around domestic abuse, was pivotal in moving towards a system that instils confidence in victims of abuse and ensures that their abusers are held to account."

Picture: Ms Di Rollo

The Herald:

Eilidh Wiseman, President of the Law Society of Scotland, which represents solicitors, welcomed the appointments.

She said: “James and Alison are highly respected and admired by many for their work.

"Their nominations announced today are richly merited and if appointed, they will bring huge knowledge and experience to their roles as Lord Advocate and Solicitor General.

“It is a time of great change for the legal profession. There are major reforms underway to improve the efficiency of our courts; the legal services market is going though significant transformation along with changing expectations from clients; and there is greater internationalism amongst legal firms which is changing the environment in which we all work.

"Against this backdrop, we look forward to working with the new Lord Advocate. We will look to build on the productive relationship we have enjoyed with his predecessor Frank Mulholland QC and with James himself, during his time as Dean of Faculty of Advocates.

"We also had a very good working relationship with Lesley Thomson QC as Solicitor General and look forward to engaging with Alison Di Rollo, a highly capable solicitor advocate who has excelled in her career, following her appointment.”