A COUNCIL has given a nail salon permission to move into a former Scottish tourist information building - on condition that people can use it as a public toilet.

USA Q Nail which moved into the former premises of Milngavie Information Centre discovered that the lease from East Dunbartonshire Council was far from bog standard, and contained the bizarre condition that people could use the salon if they wanted to spend a penny.

The clause was inserted as there were limited public toilets in the East Dunbartonshire town.

The tourist information building, placed at the gateway to Scotland's famous West Highland Way trail had been used as an alternative WC as official public toilets in Mugdock Road were closed and sold as part of a council cost cutting measure.

The Herald:

But it provided no relief for staff at the personalised gift store, Unique Company which ran the information centre in Douglas Street and which quit the office block last year because of the toilet.

Some residents felt the toilet was far from convenient with reports wheelchairs got stuck, that babies were being changed on the toilet floor.

Louise McFarlane who run the store and the information centre said at the time that it was not adequately soundproofed and did not have a window to allow proper ventilation - meaning the noise and odour created an unpleasant working environment.

The Herald:

On quitting the information centre operator said on Facebook announcement: "The problem is that we need a building fit for purpose and the current one is not. The sale of the toilet block should never have been allowed. That should have had the money spent to make it the toilet's and info centre with showers that Milngavie should be able to provide."

USA Q Nail moved after it was served with a warning notice in December last year at its premises in Station Road, Milngavie after an investigation found it was causing an environmental nuisance.

The Herald:

Neighbours thought the chemical fumes from the manicurists' salon were beyond the pale.

East Dunbartonshire Council established that a ‘statutory nuisance’ existed at the salon after they looked into complaints from a nearby resident.

Thomas Glen of East Dunbartonshire Council said: "The provision of public toilets in Milngavie has been an ongoing issue for a number of years and we have looked at a number of solutions against the backdrop of severe financial pressures.

"The premises at 15 Douglas Street were.. marketed with the requirement to retain a public toilet facility and have now been leased for use as a nail salon. As part of the terms - and in line with local requests - the toilet will be available to the public during opening hours."