Jeff Goldblum only became a father for the first time last year at the age of 62 so maybe he’s still getting used to not telling those embarrassing dad stories.

The one he spilled on The Graham Norton Show about stealing money from his dad at 13 to hire a prostitute definitely comes under that definition.

Jeff Goldblum was a naughty 13 year old (Matt Crossick/PA)Jeff Goldblum was a naughty 13 year old (Matt Crossick/PA)

He said: “Puberty struck around 12 and by 13 and I had a very strong yen but couldn’t imagine making something happen with my schoolgirl mates so I had an idea.

“I’d heard about the red light district so I took five dollars from my dad’s wallet and went there. I walked back and forth for a while and finally went in and picked a girl.

“On the way to the bedroom I said, ‘What time is it?’ I looked at my watch and said, ‘I’ve got to go but I will come back.’

“I got cold feet and never did go back. And then, actually nothing happened until I was 18!”

Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum (Matt Crossick/PA)Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum on Graham’s sofa (Matt Crossick/PA)

He appeared on the sofa with his Independence Day: Resurgence co-star Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who revealed his own tribulations of puberty when fellow students suspected him of being an undercover cop.

To put this story into perspective, here was The Rock at 16.

The Herald:

He said: “I moved around a lot following my dad and every new school, when I was around 14, 15, 16, thought I was an undercover cop.

“I switched high school four times, I didn’t have a lot of friends and no play with the ladies.”

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