Another poll has found a significant lead for the Leave campaign just over a week before the European Union referendum.

The TNS poll puts Leave 7 percentage points ahead on 47 per cent, with Remain on 40 per cent, and undecided voters or those who would not vote on 13 per cent.

The survey asked 2,497 UK adults.

Luke Taylor, from TNS, said: “It should be noted that among the entire general public the picture is more balanced with 33 per cent supporting Remain, 35 per cent supporting Leave and 32 per cent undecided or planning not to vote.

"Taking into account likelihood to vote and whether or not people are registered to vote, benefits 'Leave' over 'Remain'.

"In particular, our turnout model penalises younger people and those that did not vote in the previous general election, as historically these groups are less likely to vote.

"However, this model is based on general elections and as this is a referendum turnout among these groups may be higher than expected, boosting the Remain score."

He added that there were still many undecided voters and that the history of referendums suggests that most of those would for the status quo.

He added: "This swing towards Leave since our last poll in late May might be due to a genuine change in opinion among voters but it could also be due to random error."