The Daily Record is backing the prospect of a second independence referendum in the wake of the UK vote to leave the European Union.

The newspaper said Nicola Sturgeon has "little option" but to pull the trigger on a second referendum after Scots voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU while England and Wales opted for Brexit.

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Saturday's edition of the Record, which largely held a pro-Union stance during the 2014 campaign over Scotland's future, appeared to go further and give its tentative support for independence, saying it offered a "positive, outward-looking option" for the country.

The paper's editorial reads: "The First Minister is right to raise the prospect of a second IndyRef, no matter how weary we all are of the constant constitutional war of attrition.

The Herald:

"Now the prospect of Scots returning a Yes vote in a second referendum is very much alive."

It concluded: "Many of those who voted to stay in the UK two years ago did so because they wanted to reject a narrow nationalism and its insular view of the world.

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"But yesterday's result recast independence as the positive, outward-looking option for Scotland.

"This morning, Scotland and England have never felt politically further apart."

Days before the 2014 independence vote, the traditionally Labour-supporting Record carried on its front page "The Vow" - a written commitment to delivering extra powers for Scotland signed by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg and deemed by many to have influenced the resulting 55% No vote.

The day after the Brexit vote, the paper headlined EU Go, Girl, said Ms Sturgeon "had to be bold for Scotland".

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In contrast, the front page of the Scottish edition of the pro-Brexit Daily Express read, Here We Go Again, and reported that Scotland "faced fresh constitutional chaos" after Ms Sturgeon unveiled plans to pursue a second independence referendum within hours of the EU vote results.