This hilarious picture of a furious looking deer in Scotland went viral after thousands of people used it to make jokes about Brexit.

Andy Kelly posted the image on Twitter during his holiday in the country last month.

But he was forced to take it down after social media users started politicising it in the aftermath of the referendum on Britain's EU membership.

The Herald:

Andy, a games journalist from Bath, Somerset, was driving the North Coast 500 route around Scotland with his girlfriend last month.

After spotting a group of deer on a hill, he took a picture before noticing one of them had a furious looking expression.

He posted the picture on Twitter on June 26 where it was retweeted more than 12,000 times.

Andy said: "I was doing the North Coast 500 route with my girlfriend last month and I was desperate to get pictures of some deer while we were there.

"We were just driving along when we spotted a bunch of deer on a hill so I got out and took some pictures.

"It was only when we were looking back through the images at our hotel that night that we noticed this deer at the top of the picture was looking absolutely furious about something.

"The original tweet I put out with the image was simply because the deer had a weird looking face in the picture.

"I've always tried to come up with viral stuff on Twitter before but this ended up getting around 12,000 retweets."

Despite the fact that Andy only posted the image as a joke, it was used by people who were angry with the result of the EU referendum.

And he decided to take it down as a result of this.

Andy added: "My mentions were going crazy and it was difficult trying to sort through it all to get to the people I needed to speak to.

"It was in the aftermath of the referendum as well so the picture was being politicised among Brexit voters and people protesting against Donald Trump's visit to Scotland.

"I never intended it to be that, I just thought it was a really funny picture, so I deleted it.

"It's in so many different places now though, it'll never completely disappear."

The North Coast 500 route is a 516-mile journey around Scotland's north coast that starts and ends in Inverness, Highlands.