SCOTLAND has been repeatedly "ignored, outvoted, or overruled" in the House of Commons, the SNP leadership claimed last night, as the first parliamentary year of the current Tory administration came to an end this week.

The party has published a list of 12 key decisions which SNP Westminster leader Angus Roberston said were imposed against the wishes of the Scottish electorate, which overwhelmingly rejected the Tories. The party said the list underscored that Scotland "voted for centre-left parties but got a right-wing Tory government".

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Robertson said the prospect of Scotland being pulled out of the EU against its will was part of a worsening "democratic deficit".

The Herald:

He also claimed the "imposition" of austerity on Scotland despite almost all Scottish MPs opposing the was an affront to democracy.

Roberston said that SNP MPs had provided the main opposition to the Tories, and "brought into sharp focus the deep differences that exist between the progressive values and outlook of Scotland and the right-wing Tory politics that dominate at Westminster".

The party also cited restrictions on trade union activity and the decision to retain Trident, when Scottish Secretary David Mundell was the only MP from Scotland to vote for renewal.

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Robertson went on to highlight the bombing of Syria, support for child refugees, more powers for Holyrood, votes at 16, and restrictions on the rights of immigrants, as areas where Scotland’s "progressive position has been overruled" by the Tory government.

The Moray MP said that such decisions were "making a mockery" of the pledges by the main Unionist parties during the 2014 independence referendum that Scotland would be treated as an ‘equal partner’ in a ‘family of nations’ if it voted to remain in the UK.

He said: “Scotland faces a deep, growing and increasingly obvious democratic deficit at Westminster as our politics continue to diverge from the rest of the UK. While SNP MPs are working hard to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard, to protect our interests, and to provide strong, united and effective opposition to the Tory government, there have been far too many occasions where on the big issues Scotland is being ignored, outvoted or overruled, and Tory policies are simply being imposed.

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“We saw it at the General Election, when Scotland voted overwhelmingly for centre-left parties only to be lumbered once again with a right-wing Tory government with absolutely no mandate in Scotland. We saw it at the budget, where the UK government imposed austerity and draconian welfare cuts against Scotland’s wishes – taking funds away from public services, communities and families, the poorest and most vulnerable in order to fund tax breaks for millionaires – a policy completely incompatible with Scotland’s progressive values and outlook."

Robertson said Scots were being further towards backing independence as a result of the tension.

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“Despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain in the EU the UK government wants to drag us out. Despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly against wasting billions on Trident nuclear weapons they are being dumped on the Clyde for another fifty years.Time and time again Scotland’s view has simply been ignored.

“We opposed the bombing of Syria, but the UK government went ahead anyway. We voted to protect our fair share of vulnerable child refugees but the UK government chose to walk by instead. We opposed restrictions on trade unions and workers’ rights, but our view was brushed aside.

“We were told in the run up to the independence referendum that Scotland would be treated as an ‘equal partner’ in a ‘family of nations’ if we voted to remain in the UK but we now know that nothing could be further from the truth.

“The SNP will continue to make Scotland’s voice heard for as long as we remain attached to Westminster, but if the UK government and Westminster parties continue to act against Scotland’s wishes as they are - they shouldn’t be surprised when the Scottish people conclude independence is the only viable option.”

A UK Government spokesperson, in response, said: "In 2014 people in Scotland voted decisively to remain in the UK. The UK Government is a government for the whole of the country, listening and responding to the concerns of the Scottish people. That includes devolving a raft of powers to the Scottish Parliament through the Scotland Act 2016, delivering in full the letter and the spirit of the Smith Commission."

The 12 Betrayals

1 The General Election


3 EU Membership


5Bombing Syria

6Welfare reforms

7Worker’s rights

8The refugee crisis

9Powers for Scotland

10Investigatory Powers

11 Immigration

12 Votes at 16