A SENIOR nurse pocketed a syringe full of morphine and was found staggering and slurring her words, an inquiry will be told.

Lyn Failes is facing seven charges of misconduct during one shift, while employed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as a staff nurse.

She is alleged to have abandoned a ward while the other charge nurse was on a break, leaving it without cover.

The nurse is then said to have fallen asleep at the nurses station and was later allegedly seen staggering and slurring her words.

Another charge states: "At around 07:15 put a purple syringe containing approximately 3ml of Oramorph in your bag."

The nurse is also said to have handed a male patient a syringe when he asked for a urinal bottle.

Later in the shift she attempted to give a patient the morphine-based painkiller Oramorph from an empty syringe.

She is accused of giving another patient a drug when it had not been requested and gave another patient a pain relief drug when it hadn't been prescribed.

The nurse is also accused of lying about giving a patient pain killing drugs.

She is also accused of making records which were illegible and/or incomplete, provided inadequate handover to other staff by given them information that was out of date.

When questioned she was unable to clarify the situation. The incidents are alleged to have happened on the night of July 31 and August 1 2014.

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said Ms Failes was employed as a bank nurse until January 15 last year.

The nurse is due to appear at a hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council from August 8-11.

In a separate case a care home nurse in East Ayrshire is facing charges she kicked and swore at a resident.

Another charges states Sharon Fields "intentionally stood on Resident A's foot/fee."

She is also accused of uttering an expletive in their presence.

Ms Fields will face misconduct charges at a hearing of the NMC on August 8-10.