Labour MPs are being urged not to become ''scabs" and enter Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench until he agrees to elections to his shadow cabinet.

MPs are being warned that those who do cross the 'picket line' won’t get the backing of their colleagues if elections do happen.

The newly re-elected Labour leader is under pressure to allow MPs to have a say in the make-up of his top team.

Earlier this month Labour MPs voted overwhelmingly for the return of shadow cabinet elections

More than 50 members of Mr Corbyn’s frontbench walked out earlier this year in protest at what they said was his lacklustre EU campaign.

Ian Murray, the former shadow Scottish secretary and Labour's only MP in Scotland, has said that he could return to the frontbench - if elections were reinstated.

But Mr Corbyn's allies view the demand as an attempt to curb his power.

Labour's ruling body is set to resume talks on the issue today.

A Labour source said that MPs were being encouraged not to become ''scabs".

"They are being told that if they do become scabs they won't get the votes of their colleagues if there are shadow cabinet elections in the future," he said.