Edmund Farrow gave up his job as a computer programmer eight years ago when his wife learned she was expecting their first child.

Three children later Edmund is still in charge of the childcare duties at their Edinburgh home and has no plans or desire to return to work for many years yet.

Edmund and Elaine Farrow, a research programmer, have Matthew, seven, Daniel, five and Joanna, two. As an experienced stay-at-home dad, Edmund has set up a website offering advice for other fathers who take on the role of main child carer.

Mr Farrow said: "We took the decision based on temperament. We decided it was best that I stayed at home and looked after the children. Elaine needs to be out and about meeting people whereas I am happy to be at home.

"We were both earning a similar income so it wasn't based on or influenced by financial considerations.

"It has been very good and I have enjoyed it. There are many other dads who hardly ever see their children throughout the week. So I am lucky.

"It was good at the start when the children were born, when Elaine was on maternity leave and we were learning the ropes together.

"Even in a few years when all three are at school, there will still be school holidays and sickness. I could do some work part-time then. There is no great rush. I will be staying at home for a long time yet."