Scotland was the only part of the UK where Jeremy Corbyn lost the Labour leadership vote to his rival Owen Smith.

Scots voted 6,856 votes to 6,042 against the veteran socialist.

But Mr Corbyn won every other part of the UK, even his challenger’s home territory of Wales.

Mr Corbyn received 8,507 votes from Labour members in Wales, a breakdown of the result shows, while Mr Smith, the MP for Pontypridd, received just 6,758.

In England, Mr Corbyn won by 152,063 votes to 102,437 and in Northern Ireland by 541 votes to 224.

In the immediate aftermath of his re-election as leader both sides claimed victory in Scotland.

The Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale had publicly backed Mr Owen.

The figures were released to a sub-committee of Labour's ruling National Executive Committee and obtained by the website PoliticsHome.

They show that Mr Corbyn also won both registered supporters and affiliates.

Supporters, who each paid £25 to take part, backed him by a whopping 84,918 votes to 36,599.

Affiliates, a group made up of trade union members and other socialist organisations, voted for Mr Corbyn by 60,075 to 39,670.

Overall, Mr Corbyn won by 313,209 votes to 193,229.

With 62 per cent of the vote he secured a higher mandate than he had when he was first elected leader last year.

Since his re-election Mr Corbyn has sought to rebuild his shadow cabinet.

More than 50 members of his frontbench team walked out earlier this year in protest at what they said was his lacklustre European Union referendum campaign.

Scotland’s only Labour MP Ian Murray has refused to rejoin the shadow cabinet unless Mr Corbyn agrees to elections to the group.