A baby bank founder has posted an emotional video Online after receiving a heartbreaking call from a Coatbridge mother who had no food for her two-year-old.

Bernadette Murphy, who established the Lanarkshire Baby Bank, shared the tearful video with her Facebook friends.

She said: "I just took a really sad call from a mum who has a two-year-old and she has absolutely no food for him.

"She is actually sitting in the Citizens Advice office just now in Coatbridge because she has got no food, nappies- anything for this wee boy.

"Her benefits have been sanctioned for four months and I just felt so sorry for her.

"We only do baby food and pouches up to ten months old, but this wee boy is on normal food.

"Is there anyone out there who could help me and give food urgently to this wee boy?"

She added: "If I don't hear from anyone within the hour I will just go to Tesco and get the wee boy food.

"This is absolutely incredible, it's so sad."

The Lanarkshire Baby Bank aims to support the 1 in 4 children in Lanarkshire who are living in poverty by appealing to the local community to donate baby and child essentials.

For more information on how you can support the Lanarkshire Baby Bank then check out their Facebook page