BACKBENCHERS who represent the governing party at Holyrood should be banned from holding the key jobs on major committees, the Scottish Tories have said.

Ruth Davidson's party set out preliminary proposals that they said would ensure Scotland had a "parliament with real teeth" following the announcement that structures at Holyrood are to be reviewed.

If the measures were accepted, it would mean SNP politicians such as James Dornan, convenor of the education committee and Local Government convenor Bob Doris would be stripped of their roles.

A review, announced by presiding officer Ken Macintosh, follows concern that Holyrood is failing in its task of effectively holding the Government to account.

The Conservatives also said that ministers should be quizzed by their opposition counterparts more regularly and that MSPs should serve on committees for the full parliamentary term. However, the party ruled out supporting a second chamber.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: "The last parliament, when the SNP had a majority, exposed the flaws in our democracy. SNP MSPs toed the party line, put party before parliament, with the result that bad laws were rail-roaded through.

"The Scottish public ended the SNP’s majority, and we now have a more balanced parliament. So we welcome the Presiding Officer’s plan to ensure we get a parliament with real teeth.

"We don’t need yet more politicians in Scotland. We do need a parliament with more clout which can hold this Government to account. Our proposals will help do that – and we hope they will attract cross-party support."

The Commission on Parliamentary Reform will study the role of Holyrood in scrutinising legislation, the committee system and parliament's independence from the Scottish government. The study will be led by the outgoing Electoral Commissioner John McCormick.