Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has said the chance of a Donald Trump presidency "scares" her.

Speaking on the eve of the US election, she said she is hopeful Hillary Clinton will secure a historic win to become the first female US president.

Ms Dugdale joined the campaign for the Democratic candidate when she visited the US last week, and said she tried to combat Mr Trump's "poison".

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She said: "I spent four days trying to do my bit to campaign for Hillary Clinton and trying to campaign against Donald Trump's poison.

"This is a man that is fuelling racism and xenophobia across America, and the idea that he could be president in less than 48 hours scares me to my absolute core.

"I'm quite hopeful that Hillary Clinton will emerge tomorrow night or in the early hours of Wednesday morning as president of the United States, and we can't underestimate how much of a major moment in history that is.

"For the leader of the free world to be a woman for the first time is groundbreaking and has to be celebrated in its own right."

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She said Mrs Clinton's pledges on worker rights, healthcare and education are key to "why it's so important that Hillary wins".

Ms Dugdale's comments came after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon dispensed with the tradition that political leaders do not comment on elections in other countries to endorse Mrs Clinton.

She said she ''fervently hopes'' Mrs Clinton will become president, while her predecessor Alex Salmond has said a win for Mr Trump would do the most harm to America's global reputation since the Vietnam War.