The documentary film maker who has made three controversial films about Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland has spoken of his dismay at his Presidential victory.

Anthony Baxter, whose most recent film You've Been Trumped Too, was recently streamed live in the US, has been following the progress of the Trump International Golf Links at the Menie Estate, Balmedie, Aberdeen.

He believes the high profile controversies and problems there - notably with neighbours of the course, the Forbes family, having their water supply disrupted - will be repeated on a global scale now that Trump is President-Elect of the United States.

Mr Baxter said: "I don't see any sign he will behave differently on a much bigger canvass."

Baxter, who said he was "reeling" from the result, said: "It really is quite worrying for the world, especially in light of his actions in Scotland.

"As far as his promises go, on every level I believe he has failed [in Scotland]...and he says he is going to be President for everyday people, but look at the way he has treated people on the Menie estate.

"There's no evidence that he will be there for normal people - what he says, and what he does, are two very different things."

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Mr Baxter, who is working on a new documentary about the polluted water in Flint, Michigan, said he is worried about the future of the freedom of speech in the US.

"When you see the way Trump bullies and harasses journalists he doesn't agree with...he tried to sue us all," he said.

"If he gets angry he goes into a tirade, we have seen that on his Twitter, and his comments on women have been appalling."

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He added: "What does this say to young people in the world? That you can abuse women, you can use atrocious language, and you can still get the keys to the White House? It is a devastating result for the world."

Mr Baxter said that the differences between Trump's promises and what he delivers may prove a problem for him but added: "I think the whole world is going to suffer. It is so alarming and I don't see any ray of hope at all at the moment."