NICOLA Sturgeon is to rally European allies against Brexit when she delivers a keynote speech at a flagship summit of progressives from across the continent hosted by the pro-independence Scottish Greens this week.

The SNP leader will address the European Green Party (EGP) in Glasgow. The event has been called in the wake of the "exceptional circumstances following the recent referenda on Brexit and Scottish Independence and the political unrest in Westminster".

Sturgeon will be the first Scottish First Minister to speak at the summit, which the EGP has called in Scotland for the first time ever as an act of solidarity with Scots who face being dragged of the EU against their will.

The First Minister has already said a new independence referendum is "highly likely" in order to protect Scotland's place in the EU.

Speaking to the Sunday Herald, Sturgeon hailed her invitation to the European Green Party event as a coming together of progressive parties seeking to protect Scotland's EU status.

She said: “I’m delighted to be speaking at the EGP Council in Glasgow next week. With the challenges currently facing Europe, it’s particularly significant that the Greens have chosen to hold this event in Scotland for the very first time.

“Rarely has there been a more critical time for progressive parties to stand together and work together in common cause.

"As the Tories conspire to drag the UK out of the EU and further to the right, Scotland can show unity and solidarity with those across Europe who share our commitment to protect those fundamental rights and freedoms which extend beyond borders.”

Greens from across Europe will be asked to back a resolution at the summit which states that "all options will be explored" to keep Scotland in the EU, and talks about being "determined to find a way" to do so.

The European Green Party council in Glasgow will focus on highlighting alternatives to Brexit, but activists are expected to raise at length the prospect of an 'indyref2' as part of the event which runs from Friday to Sunday.

Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, told the Sunday Herald that Sturgeon had been invited to address the gathering on Friday as part of a stepping up of attempts to protect Scotland's place in the EU and Single Market.

He said: "We recognise the need to work with other political parties, campaign groups and individuals who want the referendum result in Scotland, where an overwhelming number of people voted to Remain, to be respected."

Sturgeon has vowed that she will call 'indyref2' if the Tory Government delivers a hard Brexit.

At this EGP council event, Greens from across Europe will be asked to support a call from Scottish members of the party to ensure that Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, which also voted Remain, stay in the EU even if England and Wales leave.

A resolution put forward by the Scottish Greens says: "The Green parties in Scotland and Northern Ireland consider that the people in their jurisdictions have given a clear mandate to their representatives to stay in the European Union, and are therefore determined to find a way to allow Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain part of the EU as members even if other constituent parts of the United Kingdom pursue the path of Brexit.

"All options will be explored to ensure Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar and their peoples can retain their membership of the European Union, and calls on the government of the United Kingdom to include the devolved administrations directly in negotiations."

Reinhard Bütikofer MEP, EGP co-chairperson said: "European Greens are coming to Glasgow in order to show our solidarity with the determination of the Scottish people to resist Brexit and to hold on to Scottish full membership in the European family."

Monica Frassoni, EGP co-chairperson, said: “Greens are a united political family and both in the UK and in the EU, we want to play a role in the long and complicated aftermath of the referendum and the upcoming debate about the very future of the EU.”

A statement from conference organisers added: "It is an extraordinary time for Europe, and this is why we feel it most appropriate to bring the entire European Green family together in Scotland - a country that itself faces exceptional circumstances following the recent referenda on Brexit and Scottish Independence and the political unrest in Westminster.

"As Greens, we want to be at the forefront of the issues that are pressing Europe. For this reason, our Council will have a truly European discussion about current European questions: How do Europe and the UK look following the Brexit vote?"