A pro-independence blogger said he is taking legal action to force a former Tony Blair aide to pay out on a bet made on social media over the result of the US presidential election

Stuart Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland online blog, said a claim had been filed after John McTernan bet him 100 US dollars that Hillary Clinton would win the race to the White House.

After it was reported Mr Campbell, from Bath, Somerset, was considering legal action to recover the money, he Tweeted: "I'm not 'considering' it. It's been done. The claim is filed with the court."

The Herald:

Stuart Campbell

It comes after Mr McTernan, who also worked for former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard and former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, said online: "It will be President Clinton. And you can take that to the bank."

Mr Campbell responded to that comment in July by saying: "Nobody has ever been as doomed as Hillary Clinton is now #McTernanPredicts."

Mr McTernan replied by saying: "OK. 100 dollars she wins."

The blogger commented: "You do everything in dollars now, John? By November that could be £500. But at today's exchange rate of £76, you're on."

Days after Donald Trump defeated Mrs Clinton to become the next American president, Mr Campbell tweeted: "Morning John. How we doing on that wager?"

Mr Campbell is said to be chasing £101, including £25 for lodging a claim, through the English courts.