RUTH Davidson has been accused of “shamelessly” rewriting history after dropping her demand to stay in the EU single market as she set five Brexit tests for the SNP to meet.

The Scottish Tory leader told the BBC in July that even after the Brexit vote her preference remained membership of the single market.

She said: “I want to stay in the single market.. even if a consequence of that is maintaining free movement of Labour.”

However the single market was missing from five tests Ms Davidson issued to the SNP ahead of the party unveiling its plan for a bespoke Brexit deal for Scotland later this month.

Ms Davidson said the priority must be to “maintain the integrity of the UK domestic market”, followed by a lack of trade barriers within the UK, making the UK a beacon for free trade, practicality, and respecting the results of the 2014 and 2016 referendums.

She said: “I voted Remain in the referendum and wanted a different result. But the task now is not to mope about what might have been, but to work out what comes next.

"For a Scottish Government, that means making the best of Brexit, not using it to crank up support for yet another independence referendum. The SNP does not have the right to launder the votes of Remain voters in Scotland into tokens of separatist support.”

SNP MSP Joan McAlpine replied: “Even after the referendum, Ms Davidson said, unequivocally, that she wanted to remain in the single market – something the Scottish Tories have since sold out on.

"Now she is demanding that the Scottish Government signs up for whatever hard-right Tory Brexit Theresa May decides on.

“Talking vaguely of ‘free trade’ in services outside the single market is pure weasel words. European leaders have made it clear that the UK can’t have its cake and eat it. Either Ruth Davidson is ignoring reality or she simply doesn’t understand how the single market works.

“Instead of trying to rewrite history, Ruth Davidson should explain why she’s turned her back on her promise to support single market membership – and what changed her mind.”