Ministers have been asked by a Labour MP if the UK's security services have considered whether the Scottish independence referendum was affected by a cyber attack.

The question from Geraint Davies came after Labour former minister Ben Bradshaw said it was "highly probable" that Russia interfered in the EU referendum through cyber warfare.

Mr Davies, the MP for Swansea West, said that "we know that Russian cyber attacks had an impact" on the US presidential election as he asked whether spies had looked at the possibility of Russian involvement in votes in the UK.

He asked during cabinet office questions: "But what assessment has MI5 made of cyber attacks in relation to the Brexit output and indeed the Scottish referendum?"

Cabinet Office Minister Ben Gummer replied: "You will know that I can't comment on the operational details of what the security agencies are doing but you should be reassured that our agencies have some of the best capacities and capabilities in the world, they are being funded appropriately and we are making sure that they are doing what they need to do and they are doing what they need to do."

Meanwhile, Labour's shadow cabinet office minister Ian Lavery sought a guarantee from the Government that no democratic vote in the UK had been impacted by cyber attacks.

He said: "In light of the Russian intervention in the US election and the credible threats to the German election recognised by chancellor (Angela) Merkel will the minister give a guarantee to this House that no cyber attacks have been carried out on the UK which could have impacted upon our democracy?"

Mr Gummer said: "I'm gratified by the fact that the Electoral Commission says that ours is a register which is one of the most accurate and secure in the world.

"But clearly we need to protect the entire integrity of the democratic process and that's why all security agencies will be making sure that our systems are as secure as possible."