Most drivers in Scotland still prefer to pay cash to park, often because they are confused or distrustful of doing so by mobile phone, new research has found.

The survey has been carried out for the British Parking Association, the largest professional association representing parking and traffic management in Europe.

It found that over half (54 per cent) of motorists in Scotland still prefer to use traditional cash and pay and display machines. Nearly a quarter (22 per cent) do not trust new technologies available to pay for parking

Only 13 per cent have used a parking app to find somewhere to park with 35 per cent still preferring to find somewhere themselves

Just 17 per cent are happy to use their credit / debit card at the pay and display machine, but are less comfortable with newer tech methods. The same proportion say they would prefer to use a mobile phone app, paying via text, online or via a parking website.

But one in 10 say they find the apps or websites confusing, while 15 per cent worry it will cost them more than necessary if they use a less traditional method.

However 42 per cent say that finding somewhere to park is a stressful experience, with only 25 per cent finding it stress-free. Yet, only 13 per cent have used a parking app to help them find a park place and 25 per cent said they are not even aware that these apps and websites exist.

Patrick Troy, Chief Executive of the BPA, comments:

“Whilst this new research shows that most motorists still prefer to use cash when paying for parking, the BPA’s aim is to build public confidence in using newer payment technologies which can make finding places to park and paying for parking so much easier and more convenient and without the fear of something going wrong."