AUTHOR Jenny Colgan sparked a social media backlash after criticising the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain's new book.

The Scottish writer has quit Twitter after receiving angry messages following her review of Hussain's debut novel 'The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters'.

In an article for the Guardian newspaper, Colgan, from Prestwick, Ayrshire, bemoaned the fact that Hussain had 'put her name' to the novel, which was written in collaboration with the successful writer Ayisha Malik.

Ms Colgan, who writes both romantic and science fiction, including novel featuring Doctor Who, said: "It’s hardly a new phenomenon, celebrities turning up out of the blue with novels what they have most definitely wrote. Maybe it’s particularly upsetting me this time because I’m a fan.

"Hussain is just so brimful of talent; of happiness and grace and skill. From a traditional Muslim background, she grew up in Luton and ended up being universally loved and baking for the Queen.

"Does she really need to put her name to a novel, too, when there’s only so much shelf space to go around?"

The writer concluded: "In the end, I think the worst thing about this is that it feels greedy. Not the good greedy that makes you learn to make delicious things and grab life with both hands, defy expectations, all the things which Hussain has done so admirably."

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The article drew a furious response from Twitter users, who seemed to feel that Hussain was being criticised because of her race.

One tweet said: "Dear black, brown & all woc (Women of colour). Please do take up as much space as possible, whether on screens or shelves or anywhere else."

Comments on on the Guardian's website were also scathing. One said: "This isn't just a book review. This is a spiteful jab at this woman, using all kinds of ridiculous reasons. Very very disappointing."

Another added: "Does anyone else smell a whiff of jealousy here? I for one can't be happier that a minority woman has achieved success," while a third said: "It hardly matters if her book is co-written, what matters is the message that the world is not a place to be afraid but to be embraced, challenged, and opportunities taken with both hands.

"Pity there are so many green-eyed monsters here. However Nadiya has proven already that they are easily squished."

However, others were more supportive. Novelist Andy Miller Tweeted: "OK, I've tried really hard and I just can't find anything to be furious about in this piece by @jennycolgan."

Fellow Scottish writer and former TV presenter Muriel Gray added: "Has the world gone completely bats**t crazy? Who in their right mind would hound the gentle, kind funny Jenny Colgan off Twitter and why!??"