MORE than 95 arrests were made as US police deployed pepper spray  and tear gas in a chaotic confrontation streets away from Donald Trump’s inauguration as protesters registered their rage against the new president.

In Britain thousands demonstrated against the Trump presidency and banners across bridges up and down the country declared: “Build bridges not walls”.

And there were spirited peaceful demonstrations at various security checkpoints near the US Capitol in Washington as police helped ticket-holders get through to the inaugural ceremony.

But at one point in police chased a group of about 100 protesters who smashed the windows of city centre businesses and injured two police officers as they denounced capitalism and President Trump.

Demonstrators dressed in black had smashed windows of shops and cars as they marched through the city.




They targeted shops including a Bank of America branch and a neighbouring Starbucks as well as a McDonald's restaurant before the inauguration ceremony.

Ronald Dye, 56, said he hid under tables at Starbucks as 300 to 400 protesters swept past, some stopping to hurl bricks.

“They started throwing bricks at first, then they started throwing the trash bin but that didn’t work, then they picked up metal spikes and just started smashing the windows out," he said.

Police in riot gear used pepper spray from large canisters and eventually cordoned off the protesters.


The group damaged vehicles, destroyed property and set small fires while armed with crowbars and hammers, police said in a statement. Police said “numerous” people were arrested and charged with rioting. The confrontation happened about an hour before Mr Trump was sworn in and began giving his inaugural address at the Capitol.

There were rallies in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh, where protesters donned Trump masks to make their opposition to the new President known.

In Glasgow more than 500 took part in a protest against the presidency – including an alternative inauguration speech declaring opposition to Trump intolerance.


Around 100 officers in riot gear, carrying shields,were seen standing in a line blocking off K Street in the American capital.

Washington interim police chief Peter Newsham described the damage as significant to local businesses and vehicles. One heavily-damaged limousine was swarmed by protesters at one point and later set ablaze.

"Unfortunately, we had a small group of protesters who wanted to disrupt the inauguration,'' Mr Newsham said. "They caused significant damage to a number of blocks in our city.''


The violence appeared contained to a three-to-four-block area, while the main protest site at the Navy Memorial near the inaugural parade route was largely peaceful.

When one police SUV tried to drive through the crowd, several protesters dressed in all black tried to block it and when it sped up, pushing the protesters aside, one picked up a rock, threw it, and smashed the vehicle’s rear window.