DETECTIVES investigating the murder of Emma Caldwell have called in officers from the Met police to help.

Police Scotland have so far been unable to solve the murder or 27-year-old Emma, who was working as a prostitute until she was murdered in 2005.

It has now emerged a five-person team from London has been called up to work on the case and began their investigations last Monday.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair said the team from the Met was there to make sure his officers weren't 'checking their own homework'.

He said: "At our request, we've a small team of officers from the Metropolitan Police here carrying out a peer examination for us.

"It's a really emotive case and we're dedicated to the enquiry."

Blair said he wanted to make sure his officers did not get lost in the details of the investigation and his resources were allocated correctly.

He added: "I wanted to get the comfort, as did the chief constable, that we were going in the right direction and weren't checking our own homework.

"Our focus is on finding the person responsible for murdering Emma Caldwell."

Emma's body was found in woodland near Biggar, Lanarkshire, in May 2005 and was one of eight prostitutes murdered in Glasgow over a 14-year period, sparking concerns about a serial killer.

She was working as a prostitute to feed her heroin addiction which she had developed following her sister's death.

During the original investigation, senior officers wrongly thought four Turkish men were involved in the murder and ordered surveillance of a cafe they were known to frequent,

Thy were charged in August 2007 but the case later collapsed due to the quality of evidence gathered.

One of the suspects later settled out of court after suing the police for £100,000.

The Caldwell family are due to meet the Lord Advocate later this week along with their solicitor Amer Anwar, who has recently been hired to represent them.

Anwar said he was dedicated to getting justice for the family no matter how long it takes.

The high-profile lawyer recently represented the family of Surjit Singh Chokkar who was stabbed to death in November 1998.

In October 2016, Ronnie Coulter was found guilty of the killing and was sentenced to 19 years in jail.