TWO of Scotland's major unions are set to clash over fracking at the annual meeting of the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

The GMB union, which supports fracking, has lodged a motion to the STUC congress arguing that energy workers should not "be subject to lectures on their industry" and "scaremongering about emergent technologies”.

However, the statement is expected to be opposed by other unions such as Unison when it comes before the STUC's annual event in April.

Dave Watson, of Unison Scotland, which has members in the gas and water industry, said his union was likely to argue against the motion due to concerns about public safety and environmental damage.

He said: "We have members in the water industry who are concerned about the safety issue, but another argument is that we don't believe it's environmentally viable.

"We really can't start digging up fossil fuels and should instead focus on clean energy."

However, Peter Welsh of GMB Scotland, which also represents gas workers, suggested fracking could help meet Scotland's energy needs and support jobs.

He said: "We're advocating a pragmatic debate about how we are going to provide affordable heating, tackle fuel poverty and have a security of energy supply.

"We should at least explore what viable options there are and not call for an outright ban."

The GMB's motion will be debated at the event in Aviemore taking place between April 24 and 26.

Scottish Greens’ climate and energy spokesperson, Mark Ruskell called on unions to oppose fracking.

He said: “A ban, rather than a vague moratorium, on fracking will allow us to focus on stable jobs in energy efficiency and renewables.

"The job losses in the North Sea have been devastating and should be the final warning for the Scottish Government to start drawing up plans on how to move away from our over-reliance on fossil fuels."