Over 1,000 Scots from across the country have descended on the capital to march for Europe and make clear that “the people of Scotland do not want Brexit.”

Thousands of demonstrators have already marched through central London in the event which has been organised by the ‘Unite for Europe’ group.

The group was born after supporters of the union expressed “outraged by the Government’s current direction in dealing with the result of the referendum.”

“We are the 48% who voted against Brexit and those who were not allowed to vote against it - the young and the EU nationals living, working, and paying taxes in the UK,” Unite for Europe said.

The Edinburgh branch of the march is assembling in Waterloo Place and will then progress down Regent Road, Abbey Hill, finally finishing at the Scottish Parliament building.

Organised by three groups - including the Young European Movement Glasgow - members said in a collective statement: “On March 25, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European project.

“This year, however, we cannot remain complacent but, instead, actively stand up to defend what we have achieved, and Britain’s membership of the project.

“The people of Edinburgh, the people of Scotland do not want Brexit. As the Westminster Government is heading towards a disaster while keeping the public uninformed about what it will undergo, we will say it loud and clear: Not in our name! We never got over it.

“We are European, and we shall not be dragged out of Europe. We have not forgotten the deliberate lies and deception that carried the Leave campaign to its unjust victory.

“We have not forgotten how far Britain has come since 1973. We have not forgotten the wars and extremism that reigned our continent before Europeans finally decided to unite their forces.”

The March For Europe in Edinburgh is organised in cooperation with Unite For Europe, which has also organised a simultaneous march in London.

“In Rome, the European Federalists will organise a march celebrating the Treaty of Rome which launched economic cooperation in Europe. Join us and show your colours,” said the organisers.