Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said extremism lies beneath the surface of the SNP as he accused a leading local election candidate of "doing a Trump".

He also hit out at the Scottish Conservatives, calling on Ruth Davidson to "stand up to Theresa May" on the so-called rape clause in the UK Government's welfare reforms and saying failure to do so risks making herself look "weak".

Mr Farron visited Edinburgh on Thursday as his party launched its city manifesto for the council elections next month.

Joining the campaign trail by speaking to locals in the city's Stockbridge area, he said the election drive is going "amazingly well" and he predicted gains for the Lib Dems across the country and particularly in Edinburgh.

He criticised comments made by Edinburgh City Council's SNP group leader Frank Ross suggesting pro-Union parties only call themselves "Scottish" as a branding exercise to win votes.

He said Mr Ross was "doing a Trump", and added: "This just underlines the extremism that is beneath the surface within the SNP and the intolerance, frankly. What you want is a more inclusive and diverse council."

Mr Farron said Scotland had been "trailblazers" for a move towards heated and personal abuse, particularly online.

He added: "It's the danger of 'small-n' nationalism of any kind and identity politics that people believe that those on the other side are somehow morally worse than them."

He said politics is undermined when people sink to that level.

Mr Farron added that he is "disappointed" by Scottish Conservative leader Ms Davidson's handling of increasing pressure over the so-called rape clause.

The policy requires women claiming tax credits for a third or subsequent child to state that they became pregnant as a result of rape or while in a coercive relationship.

Ms Davidson has faced calls from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to confront Theresa May on the issue and make a personal statement on the controversial policy.

Mr Farron said: "I'm disappointed in Ruth. The problem is either she isn't the decent person I suspected she might be or she's really quite weak and the Scottish party is being run by a Conservative Government at Westminster and they take no notice of Ruth Davidson.

"That's why she needs to stand up to Theresa May, if she believes Theresa May is wrong she needs to say so and if she can't persuade her quietly she needs to object noisily."

A Lib Dem spokesman later added: "Mr Farron was speaking within the context of the SNP in Scotland, with particular reference to the independence referendum of 2014 which was a trailblazer for the rest of the country to the abuse that we see online today."