NO doubt some one will describe it as a cultural phenomenon. At some point at a Scottish wedding or a girls’ night out, the person in charge of the music will announce The Slosh and women - it’s always women - will take to the floor and launch themselves into a bamboozling, or it is to me, set of dance moves which will go on and on.

As someone commented: “I nearly got crushed in a stampede at a 30th birthday party by women charging for the dance floor. The scary thing is not one person started it, they all arrived on the floor facing the same way and started at exactly the same point in the dance. Nobody ever seems to get to the floor and have to be taught The Slosh, it just happens.”

Here we have women who have abandoned their chicken in a basket at ladies night at the Virginian which was in Miller Street, in Glasgow’s city centre, in September, 1981. The band is called Buttons and Bows. Don’t think they were into Heavy Metal.

So The Slosh was three steps to the left, a kick, three steps back, but then there is a bit where you slap your knee then clap your hands under your leg, oh I don’t know.

“Sunday morning, go for a ride, hey hey hey it’s a beautiful day.” Daniel Boone has a lot to answer for.