A stunning "fluke" picture of seven dogs standing in a straight line each with the same foot forward looks like the animals are about to dance the can-can.

Kaylee Robertson, 27, was out for a walk with her dogs when she decided she would try to get some pictures of them.

Her well-trained six Shetland sheep-dogs, and one Alaskan Klee Kai, have been taught to stand together in line while Kaylee takes pictures.

But when she got home from a recent adventure, she realised that the dogs had all raised one of their paws in an incredible chance picture.

Kaylee, an ambulance technician from Scalloway, Shetland, said it looked like her pooches were dancing the can-can.

She said: "I have to say, it was an absolute fluke.

"I had them lined up for a picture, then when I gave the command to 'release' them I pressed the shutter and the photo was taken.

"When they all have their foot forward at the same time like that it looks a bit like they're about to dance the can-can.

"I didn't even look at it until I got home and pi***d myself laughing seeing it for the first time.

"It has, however, inspired me to try more shots like these because they look really good.

"It took a good year to get them to stand in line like that. I make it a game for them and they do enjoy it.

"They're definitely local celebrities. I'll be in the back of an ambulance with someone and they'll ask about my dogs."

Kaylee says that the dogs get noticed all the time.

The impressive picture was taken on Bannamin Beach in Burra, Shetland, on Tuesday.

When Kaylee gives the command for them to "release" they are all rewarded with a chase for a ball which they all fight over.

Her photos are posted to the Instagram account @hobbitpaws which aims to use the photogenic dogs to help promote the scenery of the Shetland islands.