Ruth Davidson has pledged to campaign to stay in the European Union in the event of a second referendum.

The Scots Conservative Party leader told the BBC she did not intend to fly the "flag for Brexit".

She said: "I would quite happily never have a constitutional referendum in my lifetime on anything ever again".

The Remainer has previously said she wants the UK to keep the "largest amount of access" to the single market after Brexit.

She has also called for what she describes as an "open Brexit", which prioritises free trade and country's economic interests over curbing immigration.

Speaking before an event at the British Board of Jewish Deputies, to BBC head of news James Harding, Ms Davidson said: "Were there to be another referendum I'd vote to remain again."

The Scottish party leader also distanced herself from the Conservative election manifesto pledges on fox hunting and winter fuel payments which are devolved in Scotland.

She said: "I didn't want to revisit fox hunting". She also spoke of not wanting to abolish the winter fuel allowance.

Ms Davidson, who is openly gay and a member of the Church of Scotland, said it was a "real sadness" that she and her Catholic fiancée Jen Wilson were unable to marry in church.