FORMER Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has been named Politician of the Year at a prestigious award ceremony celebrating diversity and the LGBTQI community.

The Lothians MSP also made her first appearance with her partner, SNP MSP Jenny Gulruith, at the annual Icon Awards. 

Ms Dugdale only publicly revealed she was gay in April last year, during the Holyrood election campaign.

Last month the 35-year-old announced she was stepping down as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. 

He friend Gordon Aikman, a Labour Party activist who died earlier this year after battling Motor Neuron Disease, was posthumously  awarded the Icon award for his "courage, bravery and fundraising".

His husband, Joe Pike, collected the award on his behalf. 

Other winners include Jordan Daly, the co-founder of the Tie Campaign for LGBTI inclusive education, and Paralympic gold medallist Gordon Reid MBE. 

Scott Barclay, one half of the first same sex couple to be married in Scotland and Chair of the Icon Awards said that over the last three years the award has received "unprecedented support.

He said: "We are proud to be the largest event of it’s kind in Scotland that celebrate’s those who have championed diversity and inclusion in our education system, workplaces and communities.

"I am proud that Scotland doesn’t just tolerate diversity but we celebrate it and tonight’s ceremony shows the world how proud we are."