SUPPORT for Scottish independence has surged over the summer, according to a new opinion poll.

Backing is now 46 per cent in favour, up three cent per cent from June.

The latest Survation poll also brings welcome news for Labour, predicting the party would become Scotland's second-largest part again.

However, the poll also indicates support for the SNP had slumped, with the pro-independence majority at the Scottish Parliament set to disappear at the next election in 2021.

Support for Nicola Sturgeon’s party has dropped by 4.5 per cent on the constituency vote and 11 per cent on the regional list vote since last year.

The figures indicate that the SNP is set to lose nine seats. With the Greens set to win eight, this means that the current pro-independence majority would be lost.

Support for Scottish Labour increased by two per cent in the constituency vote and six per cent in the regional vote. If correct Labour would win 30 seats, overtaking the Scottish Conservatives.

The SNP would remain the largest party with 54 seats, but even with the support of the Greens would lose its pro-independence majority at Holyrood, falling short by three seats.

The poll of 1,016 Scots was carried out after the First Minister published the Programme for Government at the start of this month.

Last night, an SNP spokesperson said the overall findings of the poll were positive for both the party and the independence movement.

The SNP spokesperson said: "This poll shows support for Scottish independence remains consistently high, with increased support on the last Survation poll, and particularly strong support among women and younger people.

"Although we are far from another election, it is also hugely welcome to see that the SNP is recording double-digit poll leads after 10 years in government, while the Tories have fallen into third place."