Police have confirmed they are investigating an alleged attack during a pro-independence rally in Glasgow.

The alleged assault happened as Ollie Marshall and colleague Jack Neill claim they were subjected to a volley of abuse by nationalists objecting to their flying of the Union flag.

Video footage shows Mr Marshall was apparently kicked by a man who tried to snatch a Lion Rampant banner he was holding before Mr Neill was chased up George Square to snatch away the much bigger Union flag which was had been flying from a mobile flag pole.


The incidents came as they stood near Queen Street station in a counter-demo on the fringes of the George Square pro-independence rally.

Police Scotland confirmed they were looking into the circumstances.

A spokesman said: "Police have received a report of an assault on a man which occurred in George Square some time between 2pm and 3pm. Inquiries are ongoing."


After police confirmed the probe, Mr Marshall said: "I have been sent a photo from the march which shows the man in question and I will be sending it to the police and leave it in their hands. I will hope Police Scotland deal with this situation appropriately according to law."

Some 1500 people were estimated to have gathered for the Hope Over Fear event on Saturday to remember the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

The grassroots organisation set-up in the run-up to the vote three years ago has vowed to hold a rally each September "until Scotland achieves its independence".

Video taken in George Square near Queen Street train station shows Jack Neill walking away with his hand in the air as his partner is kicked.

As Mr Neill walks down George Square, a man wearing what appears to be a tartan cap, runs after him, and snatches the Union Jack.

On Sunday he said: "I'm really very disturbed that people within a movement that claims to be peaceful and progressive is allowing people like this with open arms. I am also shocked that this behaviour has been allowed for so long."


"I would also like to put on record that two stewards from the march apologised to me for their behaviour and recommended I report the man in question to the police.

"These men are what the Yes Movement should be. Respectful of others views."