A pro-independence campaigner who claiming he had been assaulted at a Tory party election event has been convicted of wasting police time.

Sean Clerkin, 56, gained access to a Scottish Conservative party event at Hamilton Academical FC stadium in April last year.

But before the event could get underway, Tory chiefs spotted Clerkin, of pro-independence group the Scottish Resistance, and he was asked to leave by Accies stadium manager Walter Hamilton.

As Mr Hamilton ushered Clerkin towards the exit, the campaigner fell to the ground and claimed he had been the victim of an assault.

Police were called but an investigation led to the activist being charged with wasting police time.

Clerkin denied the claim and went on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court where he insisted he was punched by Mr Hamilton as he was led away, a claim a sheriff said she found ‘incredible’.

After a four-day trial he was found guilty by Sheriff Marie Smart who said Clerkin had taken up valuable time of police officers who could have been investigating real crimes.