SCOTTISH Green MSP Ross Greer believes independence campaigners must adopt a more radical stance in favour of immigration.

Greer said a key part of the Yes side's case must be based on seeking to encourage people from other nations to come to live in Scotland.

The West of Scotland MSP, said an independent Scotland must abandon UK-style restrictions on immigration.

Greer, who is the Scottish Greens external affairs spokesman, said a future Yes campaign should stress the economic benefits of immigration.

He said: "We need to see a complete change from the Westminster approach to migration. There are huge economic benefits to immigration, but it is also a social issue: people who move to Scotland are our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends and our partners.

"The Westminster consensus, from Labour to the Tories, is hostility to immigration and to make it harder for people to move in or out of this country.

“I hope the SNP’s will take a fundamentally different position and follows the Greens in making the case that we should in fact be encouraging people to make their homes in Scotland, both now and especially after independence."