NEARLY 200 cyclists have been injured and at least one killed by trams or tram-lines in Edinburgh in seven years, a study has found.

A report by retired surgeon Professor Chris Oliver, from Edinburgh University, shows that 191 cyclists were treated after receiving injury by trams and tram tracks between May 2009 and April 2016.

In total, the research showed 251 people were injured during that period.

The study of Tram System Related Cycling Injuries (TSRCI) comes following the death of Zhi Min Soh, a Malaysian medical student. The 23-year-old was hit by a minibus last year after she fell into the vehicle’s path when her bike wheels become stuck in a tram track.

Mr Oliver last year urged council bosses that action was needed “urgently” and segregating the dangerous hotspots had to happen.

Edinburgh City Council said it is raising awareness of cycling safety.”