IN Glasgow we’re spoiled for choice with our libraries. But do any of us really know what’s inside them, and why we should use them?

We’re on a mission to find out why we should all love our local library:

1) It’s free

Not many things are genuinely free these days, but Glasgow’s libraries are. You can while away the hours in warmth and comfort, or take books home for you and your family to enjoy without parting with a single penny.


2) It’s great for kids

As well as free books and DVDs for kids, libraries are also home to colourful children’s areas, all sorts of arts and craft and homework clubs, and of course the hugely popular Bounce & Rhyme sessions for babies.

3) If the book you want is somewhere else, we’ll bring it to you

Let’s say for argument sake you live in Langside. You really want to borrow Chris McQueer’s Hings. You’ve checked Glasgow Libraries online catalogue but the only copy available is in Partick Library. Well, fear not, you can simply request for it to be brought over to Langside Library for you. We’ll even send you a text to let you know it’s arrived.


4) And if you can’t get to your library, you can still take out a book

Life is busy, and sometimes it’s hard to get down to your local library. Well, don’t worry because your library card allows you to choose from thousands of eBooks and eMagazines online and download them straight to your tablet or smartphone any time, day or night.

5) You can use the free computers and Wi-Fi

You might already know that libraries have computers that you can use for free and Glasgow is no exception. In fact, there are 600 for you to use in libraries all across the city. But what you might not know is that every Glasgow Library has free Wi-Fi too so you can just bring along your own phone or laptop and get connected. You don’t even need to buy yourself a coffee to use it.


6) Read something new

Because library books are free, you don’t have the fear of spending money on something that turns out to not be your thing. You can try it at your local library, and if you don’t like it you can just take it back and borrow something else. Better yet you can go along and hear new authors talk about their books in your local library too.

7) Or learn something new

If books aren’t for you then why not try learning a new language or brushing up on your computer skills? Being a library member gets you access to hundreds of free online and library-based classes and activities.  


8) Make it your office

With their free Wi-Fi, PCs and quiet study spaces libraries make excellent places to get your head into your work. Plus, Business at The Mitchell and the new Gorbals Employability and Business Hub offers business start-ups access to a range of workshops, support and online resources. Lots of libraries have community rooms or quiet spaces that are perfect for meetings too.

9) Download and stream your favourite tracks

Your Glasgow Library card lets you stream more than 11 million songs, including the whole Sony back catalogue, straight to your phone or download and keep the best ones forever. No fee. No hidden cost. Just free songs by your favourite artists delivered to your phone for free.


10) Find out who you really are, or what’s really around you

Ever wondered whether you’re the heir to a long lost fortune? Or if you’re related to Robert the Bruce? All Glasgow Libraries have access to and The Mitchell is home to some of the most extensive archives and records required for tracing your family tree, so now’s your chance to find out.

Plus, with The Mitchell housing the city’s archives and special collections, and community libraries offering local history talks and displays you can find out everything about who you are, where you live and what makes Glasgow such a great place to live.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Glasgow Libraries today and start falling in love with your local library!