A RUSSIAN propaganda outlet has been expelled from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce following sustained pressure from politicians.

Sputnik UK said it was “disappointed” to have its corporate membership revoked following a month-long review by the trade body.

It comes after representatives from every political party in Holyrood urged the Chamber to reconsider Sputnik’s membership, dubbing it a “propaganda outlet for a brutal and authoritarian Kremlin regime”.

A spokeswoman for the Chamber said it had “decided to terminate” Sputnik’s membership on the back of the “deteriorating relationship” between the UK and Russia.

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She said: “Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce has concluded its review into the membership of Sputnik, the news and media organisation owned by the Russian state, which has its UK base in Edinburgh, and has decided to terminate Sputnik’s corporate membership.

“Sputnik is a relatively new member having joined the Chamber several months ago. This decision has been taken following recent internationally reported events and the subsequently deteriorating relationship between our Government and the Russian state and after consultation with Sputnik’s senior management team.

“The Chamber, which is an apolitical organisation also notes the important commercial and social links between the UK and Russia and hopes more cordial and mutually beneficial relations will be restored in due course.”

The Herald highlighted Sputnik’s relationship with the Chamber last month, sparking widespread disquiet.

In a release put out by the propaganda agency at the time, bosses at the Chamber promised to help it "grow and raise its profile".

Sputnik has been widely accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, and was last year banned from advertising on Twitter amid fears it attempted to interfere in the 2016 US election. Intelligence officials have condemned it as a "a platform for Kremlin messaging".

Russian news and propaganda outlets have come under renewed scrutiny following the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury.

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A spokesman for Sputnik condemned the Chamber's decision as “politically motivated”.

He added: “As a result of an ongoing media and political campaign against Sputnik UK we are disappointed with the decision that has been made by the Chamber of Commerce to end our membership agreement.

“We disagree with the decision which we believe violates the principles of an independent and non-political body that the Chamber of Commerce claims to be.

“This is a discreditable moment in the Chambers 230 year history and is a clear signal for other businesses in Edinburgh that media and political pressure can lead to expulsion from this business institution.

“As the only international news agency with a main media-hub based in Edinburgh, we generate job opportunities for aspiring media professionals in Scotland.

“We hope that the political climate improves and in future opportunities that we provide will be more welcomed by the media and Scottish political establishment.”