FEWER than one in seven members of the public believes the Government is handling Brexit negotiations well, with many believing not enough emphasis is being placed on jobs, a study shows.

Research for the GMB union found that fewer than one-third of people thought ministers were making jobs, wages and living standards a top priority.

Two-thirds of those surveyed by pollsters Survation said Brexit was a distraction from other important issues.

A similar number of the 1,000 people questioned thought it was unlikely the NHS will benefit from the £350 million a week promised by Leave campaigners.

Tim Roache, GMB general secretary, said that, with a year to go until the UK leaves the EU, people were increasingly worried about the future, adding: “The Government is doing nothing to put minds at rest. The vast majority of the public now believe that promises of £350m extra for the NHS was cobblers. So many people voted for Brexit because ‘taking back control’ appealed to them.

“If these negotiations mean fewer good jobs, companies leaving the UK and continued insecurity and uncertainty, it will be because the Government has made a hash of it.”