THIS is the hmoment two boisterous hedgehogs who have just woken up from hibernation got into a fight.

The pair of large male hedgehogs who star in the video are LJ and Ulysses who had just recovered from a five-month snooze.

But the small mammals were quickly embroiled in a fracas during a scavenge hunt for food and females when LJ knocked Ulysses into a bowl and he became stuck.

The footage was filmed by Emma Kate Farley, 32, who owns hedgehog hospital, Little Silver Hedgehog, in York.

Emma first opened her rescue centre in 2012 with the aim to rehabilitate poorly and injured wild hedgehogs and release them back to the wild.

Emma, who has helped return over 450 hedgehogs back to the wild so far, said: “I have night cameras scattered all across the garden.

“It wasn’t bullying as such but you find at this time of year when they have just woke up from hibernation that the boys become more competitive battling it out for who is the alpha male.”