CAMPAIGNERS have attacked plans to hold an arms fair in Glasgow, branding the event a “Trident showcase”.

The Undersea Defence Technology 2018 event, scheduled to take place at the end of next month at the Scottish Event Campus, will see dozens of firms from around the world gather to promote defence and security equipment.

BAE Systems and Babcock International, which are designing and constructing a new fleet of Trident nuclear submarines, are lead sponsors of the fair.

The Herald:

The city council said the event was held in Glasgow in 2008 and has stressed conferences and exhibitions are worth £130 million to the local economy each year.

But the Scottish CND and the hardline pro-independence group Scottish Resistance have confirmed they plan to hold a demonstration during the three-day gathering, which opens on June 26.

Campaigners said they hoped to draw support from across the country.

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An Edinburgh Campaign Against Arms Trade spokesman said: “We hope groups across Scotland will come together to oppose this Trident showcase.”

There is also concern the city council’s arms-length leisure services charity, Glasgow Life, is supporting the event.

The Herald:

In a letter to deputy council leader David McDonald, who is also Glasgow Life chairman, Scottish CND secretary Jean Anderson said: “We want to express our concern that Glasgow Life is welcoming to Glasgow a conference which will attract a great deal of disapproval and cause anxiety in the Glasgow populace.

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“We understand the event will bring money into the city but we do not find that justified when it means supporting something morally wrong and against the wishes of the people of the city.”

The Herald:

Sean Clerkin of Scottish Resistance said: "They are valuing money over people's lives. It should not have been supported."

UDT, now in its 31st year, has been sold in promotional material as a forum to allow businesses to "engage with the undersea defence community, network and meet prospective customers, showcase your products and services and reinforce your commitment to this ever-evolving domain".

The Herald:

The promoters say it provides arms companies with the chance to "meet face-to-face" with over 1,400 international, senior military and industry leaders".

It is organised by Clarion Events, which has hosted family-friendly gatherings such as the Baby Show, the Horse Show and the Spirit of Christmas. Since 2008, it has acquired six arms fairs and joined the arms industry trade body ADS.

In September last year, more than 100 people were arrested at protests outside a controversial Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair which Clarion organised.

The Herald:

The Herald:

Glasgow City Council spokesman said of the SEC event: “Glasgow’s highly successful convention bureau works with venues and event organisers to bring conferences and exhibitions to the city – generating around £130 million for the local economy each year and supporting thousands of jobs, most notably in the hospitality, retail and transport sectors.

“This particular event was held in Glasgow in 2008 and has visited a number of major European cities since, including London, Liverpool, Hamburg and Oslo.”

Glasgow Life declined to comment.