THE UK’s largest purpose-built student accommodation provider has partnered with YouTuber Korean Billy to create a video guide to life in Glasgow. .

The video is a light-hearted guide to what Glaswegian’s say, do, eat and visit, so that the city’s culture seems a little less daunting and students feel more at home when they arrive.

Unite Students and Korean Billy have also launched three other city guides and a UK specific guide for British and international students moving to a new city to study.

In the Glasgow guide, some of the typical Glaswegian phrases Korean Billy covers include; ‘Pure baltic’ – it’s freezing, ‘Get it right up ye’ - a statement of triumph at another’s misfortune and ‘Gaun Yerself’ - go for it.

The video guide also looks at traditional Glaswegian food and drink including Irn Bru, Haggis and Munchie Boxes.

Some of the best clubs and strips in Glasgow include; Viper and the West End – while some of Glasgow’s best student places to go include; the Barrowland Ballroom, Celtic Park or Ibrox Stadium.

Unite Students is the UK’s largest purpose-built student accommodation providers of its kind that houses more than 50,000 students and was established almost three decades ago. Over a third of Unite Students’ occupants are overseas students.

Korean Billy shot to internet fame in 2016 after creating a series of videos that demonstrate dialects from different parts of the UK, with his most famous video being the ‘Roadman’ dialect, which has had more than 700,000 views.

John Blanshard, Student Experience Director at Unite Students, said: “We know that heading off to university can be a daunting experience for many students, not least those going to study in another country. We wanted to do something to make them feel at home in the UK before they even arrive for their first semester.

"Korean Billy is a sensation not just in Britain but across the globe and that’s why we think he’s the perfect person to help us launch our guide."

The Herald:

Korean Billy said: “. I love British culture and I’ve only ever heard good things about Glasgow, that’s why now several of my videos focus on Glasgow’s dialect and quirks.

 "I know what it’s like for students travelling to another city or even country for their education, so if these video guides help at least one student feel more at home then I’ll be happy.”