A PIPER was detained after allegedly refusing to give his details to police over playing too loudly on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

Police Scotland said the piper was arrested following the alleged incident on Sunday but "was released later in the day".

The move came after police issued a warning to busker John McDonald over the sound levels and frequency of playing there.

He was approached by officers over the volume of his pipes at the weekend and arrested after he refused to give his details to police, The Sun reported.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh actively encourage responsible busking.

"We think it is reasonable and responsible for buskers to move every hour to a new pitch, not use amplification where possible and generally be sensitive to the area they are playing in and the instrument they are using.

“We have a standing complaint in relation to buskers on the Royal Mile from a number of local residents and those who represent them."

She said: “Having to hear the same two or three bagpipe tunes seven days a week for up to seven hours a day is becoming unbearable for those residents."

“The busker was not arrested on Sunday for busking - he was arrested for refusing to provide his details which the police officer was required by law to acquire from him.”

The alleged incident happened around noon on Sunday and the piper received a recorded police warning.