THE FRINGE, German tax policy and a lucrative winning streak have all played a part in making one of the world's best poker stars feel at home in Edinburgh.

Dominik Nitsche's journey to Scottish residence was certainly one he did not see coming, but he feels he is more than reaping the benefits after winning a staggering £3.8million in the last six months alone.

Indeed, the German-born poker player has been on a winning streak since he moved to the capital four years ago and his latest windfall saw him climb to 31st place in the world rankings, out of half a million registered professional players.

Highlighting his move to Edinburgh as bit of a turning point, the 28-year-old, whose career earnings now sit at a staggering £11.6million, insists he is no hurry to move on.

He told the Scottish Sun: “I moved to London because under UK Government rules you don’t have to pay tax on gambling winnings.

“In Germany they work in a very weird way where you can’t even deduct losses from your earnings, which is really unfair

“But I didn’t like London much and was thinking of moving when I met some people from Edinburgh who said I should come here.

“I went to check it out during the Fringe Festival four years ago and absolutely loved it.

“Everyone was so friendly and open and it was totally different from being down south and I’ve been here ever since.”

He added: “It’s also proved to be lucky for me because I have been enjoying a lucky streak recently.

“I won $4million (£3.4m) back in November and another million dollars last month as well. So I have no intention of leaving.”

Dominik may well love life in the Scottish capital, but shot a warning to one of the city's famous sons Sir Sean Connery, saying he would thrash James Bond at poker.

He continued: "It’s hilarious because Bond always has a royal flush and his opponent has a straight flush or four of a kind. That’s all you ever see.

“This is in all Bond movies with Sean Connery or Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. It never changes. They both have a big hand. That is nothing like a real game of poker.

“So if I was up against Bond I would easily beat him.

“He always plays his hand so poorly too. I’d take 007 to the cleaners.”

Dominik, who started gambling at just 16, is currently competing in the One Drop Platinum event in Las Vegas, with a potential jackpot of £33.5million.