Someone has put a "Scotland twinned with Croatia” sticker in the Welcome to Scotland road sign on the border.

Twitter user Lynn Blair posted on the social media site: "Just crossed over the Scottish border on my way back from France. What comedy genius went out in the dead of night and put the 'Twinned with Croatia' sign on the bottom right hand corner of the Welcome to Scotland sign?"

The image has appeared at the sign showing referencing Scotland's "friendly rivalry" against the English side. 

England's hopes of a World Cup win were dashed in a nail-biter of a semi-final when they lost 2-1 to Croatia in extra time, causing widespread devastation for their supporters.

However in Scotland, the reaction was more mixed, with thousands backing England's opponents throughout the World Cup as part of the  historic rivalry between the two countries.

In Glasgow, shops said they were swamped with requests for the distinct red and white chequered first kit of England's Croatian opponents.

During the semi-final in the rivalry was on open display in some pubs in Glasgow, where there were loud cheers as Croatia took the lead in extra time.