A video of police attempting to cross a pipe outside the Turnberry golf course has become a hit on social media.

In the image, police officers can be seen teetering as they traverse a pipe on the beach outside the US President's hotel, where he has been staying for the weekend.

The group of around 10 officer were pictured in the background of an interview with BBC Los Angeles Correspondent James Cook, who was speaking on yesterday's Sunday Politics Scotland.

As the interview progresses, more police arrive, with the studio-based presenter Gordon Brewer saying "a posse of her majesty's finest gathering behind you, so we better let you deal with that".

Later BBC editor Allan Price, Assistant Editor tweeted a part of the video as a gif, with the following caption: "Hello @realDonaldTrump. Don’t worry, @policescotland are ono the ball during your stay, as @BBCJamesCook can attest".

In response, one user called Craig Mair said: "Agility training, our boys never rest that's what makes them the best."

Another, called Martin said: "Didn't hear a word @BBCJamesCook said. Was to busy wondering if they would cross the burn safely. Two were teetering across when they cut the interview."

Many users responded to the video, showing they say the funny side.